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Commercial Video Production

Television, Online, Corporate, Live Event, Photography. We work with you from idea conception through to planning, budgeting, production, post-production, and all the way to final delivery. We handle every step of the process, ensuring your message is seen and heard exactly how you need it to be. Our network of creative professionals, from camera to graphic design to lightning, is unparalleled. Working at all budget levels, we are ready to handle your specific project.

Film Production Services

Diego City Media was founded by Chris Boyd, a WGA screenwriter, director, and producer. If you have a film project in San Diego or elsewhere, Chris is ready to come onboard at any stage of your production as a producer, line producer, or production manager. In San Diego, we provide local production services: insurance, location management, crew hiring, payroll, equipment rentals, and any other challenge you may face.

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Creative Consultation

Need headshots? Script consulting or co-writing? Copy editing, graphic design, web design, photographer recommendations, or help with anything else that is brewing in your creative mind? Get in touch!

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